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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  August 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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?? ryan lochte and the mad scramble to save his image. >> i'm not perfect. i do mess up. >> will the new threat of jail time sink his comeback? and the real deal behind rumors he'll join "dancing with the stars." then -- britney's bombshell from her epic carpool karaoke. and inside her big comeback as we flash back to her past show-stopping moments. >> i cannot believe this is just like freaking happened. plus behind the scenes of lance bass' new dating show, taking on "bachelorette" with new twist. >> this is a show that i would die to watch. and reese witherspoon breaks news about sequels to two of her most popular movies. and the one role she would rather forget. >> it was not a very good movie.
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hi, thanks so much for joining us. well kevin fraser is in new york. he's going to be coming along a little bit later in the show. so cameron mathison is here with me now. >> i'm ready. let's do this. here's tonight's top story. olympic champ ryan lochte charged in rio. can the swimmer dance his way out of this? >> if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. >> ryan was charged by the brazilian police for filing a falseo i would say -- unless you're extradited don't go back, because you could face trial and lose and be stuck in the tank for 18 months. >> i was highly intoxicated and it was, i'm human. i made a mistake. >> he needs to be in the pool and focus on winning again. but ryan's smartest move for image rehab could be "dancing with the stars." the disgraced swimmer has reportedly signed on for season
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so far include amber rose, singer baby face and tara jay. >> i'm like everyone else. i'm calm, i go with the flow. yes, from paula deen after the "n" word to bristol palin after a pregnancy, to mischa barton after a d.u.i. arrest. here's how "dancing with the stars" changes people's perceptions. >> everybody was so excited. pounds, you can do this, momma. >> first it changes the focus, on dancing, it's all about weight loss, spray cans, music and emotions. >> we got the highest scores ever, but -- it's just exhausting. >> tears, equal connection and sympathy. another win are the stories dancing shows before the performance. the more personal you get, the better. >> thanks, mom. >> good boy. >> delicious. >> as for ryan, well, he's back
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endorsement since the scandal with pine brothers lozenges, the tag line is kind of perfect. forgiving on your throat. >> i'm not perfect and i want people to see that i do mess up. and we're just days away from getting the official word on the entire new "dancing with the stars" cast. they'll be unveiled tuesday. britney spears is headed toed mtv video music awards on sunday and kevin has been tracking her all week from new york. so what in the world is she going to be doing this time on th nancy. if history proves anything, it will be wild. meanwhile she made her carpool karaoke debut last night and nobody does it quite like britney. ?? ? oops i did it again ?? >> britney had a blast. >> belting out her hits with "the late late show's" james corden who was -- all in. ? hit me, baby, one more time ?? >> he sing-along made a
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>> i want more. >> you want to have more kids? >> yes. >> how much more? >> like three more. >> three more? you're going to go straight up five. >> i have to find the right guy first and then you know -- >> tell him that he's about to become a father of three children? >> all that she wants is another baby. >> what are you looking for in a guy? >> i think i might not ever go to men again. i think i might not ever or get married. >> you're saying you don't want to be with anyone ever. >> i may french kiss someone. >> of course. >> but i'm not going to marry anyone, no. i don't believe in marriage any more. >> the segment was shot in west hollywood in july minutes after the broadcast britney dropped her new album, "glory." today is hit number one on
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nothing left to prove. but remember this -- boy, the critics were all over her for her 2007 vma appearance, calling her sluggish and confused. we're betting spears is ready to put it all behind her. ?? >> the 34-year-old landed at oo newark airport yesterday and then hit a tanning salon in manhattan. on sunday she hits the vma stage for the first time since that & appearance. fans are hoping for some classic brit-brit like say 2001 when she bared her rock-hard abs showed off her yellow python. >> i'm going to do something very brave tonight. when they first told me about the animals, i said okay i got in rehearsal. i'm on. what am i doing? >> or in 2003, locking lips with madonna. >>ky not believe it's just like freaking happened. i'm like going very major high right now. i feel very cool. it was amazing. >> it did, it did happen, britney. we will there be at madison
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live on "e.t.'s" facebook page. now speaking of facebook line, well that is how reese witherspoon just dropped five new revelations. >> this is reese witherspoon, i am live on the facebook. >> get excited, reese fans because her number one secret? ellewoods may be coming back is. >> is this like an rsvp thing? >> it's like a smart people thing. >> a lot of people asked me if we're going to "legally blonde" and we're thinking about it. >> she has all the outfits. >> you bend and snap. next secret, could another reese movie return? >> you have a baby. in a bar. >> if dizzy wants to make a sequel, they could call me, i would happily make "sweet alabama" two. the one film reese would rather forget with a co-star she
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this would be this gem from 1998 "overnight delivery." >> it was with paul rudd, so that was really fun. he's basically a national treasure. >> and although this oscar winner has played roles tacking singing, handles weapons and grueling heights, reese's number four secrets, what was the most difficult? >> i had to ride a horse and it reared up and i fell off really hard and it was really and do it again. >> off-set, witherspoon is a devoted mom and wife. but number five, what was the one thing she does that annoys her family? >> i listen to pop music when i work out. really, really loud and it drives my husband crazy. and my kids. ?? ?? >> because i know every word to every pop song on the radio. >> look, momma needs her music, all right? maybe they would like it better
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her new album just dropped today, it's called "encore." it's all about duets, but not like the one we saw last night. ?? ?? ?ky do anything better than you ? ? no you can't ? ? yes i can ? ? yes i can ?? >> you won't hear fallon or trump on her new album. but her real duet partners are hollywood a-listers, including alec baldwin. who knew he could sing. ?? ?? ?? ? not much very good's ever happened to me ?? >> when she first asked me, i thought this must be some mistake. but here i am. >> she told cameron the album was one of the reasons for her recent concert tour. >> i would love to share some of the music that i just recorded.
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no new material, i'm thinking what do i do. but it's fun to have new songs to sing. >> another song partner? is "star trek's" captain kirk. ? i've grown accustomed to her face ?? >> chris pine, he's one of the hotties today. >> first i thought she just wanted to make an album just with me. which i -- the thought of it was, i knew there must be a mistake there somewhere. so i called back after i gotten off the phone and was simultaneously ch and figuring out what was happening. but indeed there were more people involved. ? i've grown accustomed to her face ?? ? but i'll be seeing you ?? >> chris, you still got to sing with barbra streisand, come on. you saw a little cameron's
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her superstar duets. you want to know who was the first person she asked to sing with her? we'll tell you that on monday. still ahead, hot shirtless men looking for love. looks a lot like "the bachelor" we'll tell you how lance bass is giving his new dating show a fresh new spin. and on the 20th anniversary of "7th heaven" our flash back
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the best part of this on the flashback friday, we were on the set before it ever even aired. >> coming to work is so cool, because everyone is cool and nice. nice, what do i say? >> jessica was all of 14 years old the first time we talked to her. beverly mitchell was a little older than jess, she was 15, but cast as younger sister lucy. now a "dancing with the stars" source tells us the married mom of two might be headed to she celebrated "7th heaven"'s 20th with a series of adorable throwback pics from the set. >> i'm an only child. >> she echoed the same sentiment just last year. >> i would describe our friendship as more like a sisterhood for sure. just because we've gone through that ups and downs. >> most of the cast has remained close. even showing up to celebrate jessica's restaurant opening earlier year and according to beverly, even their kids are friends.
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i've got this opportunity to go through this experience with my friends. and that our kids are going to be able to grow up together and that we as mothers can just -- you know, sit back and talk and chat. >> the camdens are one of tv's favorite family for 11 seasons and "e.t." was there for all the milestones, including the 150th episode celebration in 2003 when jessica told us she still watched old reruns of the show. >> i hear my voice and i'll be like i like it. i just sit there, i'm so cheesy. >> you are. >> i am right here with you, jessica. "7th heaven" was a staple in the turner household. when it hit season 10 it became the longest-running family drama in television history. beating out "little house on the prairie" and "the waltons." we're on the set with "ncis new
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we've been with him since "quantum leap." and hairstyles of the rich and famous, chrissy teigen's salon before and after and who is the star unrecognizable in bangs. then lance bass' new dating show complete with crying guys, how it compares to "the show complete with crying guys, how it compares to "the bachelor."
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norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too. e: oppose medicare privatization.
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?? now, and famous. >> talent knows no bounds. >> chrissy teigen rocks tight girls on snapchat before throwing on her high-waisted short-shorts and heels to go to another hair appointment. yes, the model ran into meche salon in l.a. with waves and strutted out with slick hair and fresh color. >> long hair, don't care. that's jada pinkett smith arriving at l.a.x., but the main event? her fabulous bangs.
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totally casual. rocking aviators, skinny jeans and flip-flops. vanessa hudgens was seeing red this week. today she looks like this with a trendy lob and some caramel highlights. "ncis: new orleans" is moving to new time slot this fall. it will follow michael weatherly's new series, "bull" tuesday night on cbs. kevin you've been hanging out with scott bacula. >> i took a trip to new orleans to the set of out what scott's life is like, shooting in the big easy. >> this is your bar. >> yes. >> but it is authentic. this feels like new orleans. >> yeah, oh yeah. >> is that the greatest part of this show, the flavor of new orleans? >> i think so. i think so. it's fun to like we go and we got this exterior exists on the street in new orleans and we go and we shoot outside there. ?? ?? ? boom boom boom boom ?? >> a show secret, even though
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they recreate some of new orleans inside so they can keep shooting when things like this happen. >> like you know -- see? >> we're in new orleans and that's thunder. >> yes. >> for people in l.a. it comes with rain, when there's rain is that what falls from the sky? >> you realized it scared me to death i heard it, i was like is the building crumbling? >> did sounds like an earthquake. >> scott has rocked our world for 30 years. his first big hit -- "quantum leap." "e.t." was on the set back in >> i loved the role, i think it offers me a great opportunity to play a different character every week. >> i think the fun thing about this is we can mess with time. and there are no rules. >> would you like to dance? >> what? >> dance. >> for five seasons he played dr. sam beckett. a physicist who traveled through time and assumed other people's lives. -phe might have been a perfect t right here in new orleans. >> i guess we'll have to figure it out as we go.
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these days. >> it has a real flavor from the accents to the people it has a real flavor. >> we goo -- it's style. new orleans has got style. you know you're walking by and there's a guy riding in a carriage and he's got a purple suit on from head to toe and you're like, yup. >> scott's got style, he's a legit musician, he's the kind of guy you want to hang out with. >> i know we can make it ?? >> you're like the perfect guy. >> i love it. ? >> you know scott really has adapted to life down in the big easy. as a matter of fact he gave me some great restaurant recommendations, he has become a little bit of a foodie. ?? ?? former singing star ance bass is a happily married man these days, he'll celebrate his two-year anniversary this december. lance is hoping he can help
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never been done before. >> this is a show that i would die to watch. so that i get to be able to host this? is a dream come true. >> lance's latest gig looks like something we've seen before. >> i'm here to find the love of my life. >> i'm ready to find my wife. >> but in this reality show, it's a group of 13 men fighting for the attention of prince charming an interior designer from atlanta named robert. >> there he is, real-life james bond. >> what made you want to go on this adventure? because getting on a reality show >> it's want to do something a little different and see if i can find my true partner in life. >> the show is the first of its kind. to borrow some of our favorite elements from "the bachelor" we're talking tears. >> i really care about him. >> and drama. >> serious, man [ bleep ] bite & me, because i'm attack. >> what about the drama? >> of course you can't force people to be friends.
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happening for our prince charming. the claws are going to come out. >> my heart is definitely falling in love with several of the guys. >> those guys come from all across the country. there's a sunday school teacher. a manny, a male nanny and a dancer. how did your family and friends react when you told them, i'm going on this reality show? >> so the thing is -- i didn't tell my family. >> lance steps into chris harrison's shoes, playing the role of host. >> are you chris? what spin are you putting on it? >> i love chris harrison. i watched him every season on "bachelorette" and "bachelor"ba" >> on the show there's one major wild card -- >> it's a whole different ball game because there's a chance that the suitors might fall in love with each other so there's a whole extra element in this layer of uncertainty. that could happen in this house. >> uncertainty breeds drama.
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>> yeah, i mean people will be entertained when they watch the show. >> finding pris charming debuts september 8th. which "star trek" actor's grandmother was a famous pin-up girl? is it zoe saldana, zachary
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7:27 pm, your 24/7 destination for entertainment news. >> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tooth's "e.t." birthdays, which "star trek's" actor's grandmother was a famous pin-up girl? that is chris pine. who turns 36 today. chris's grandmother was voted
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now we know where he gets his good looks from. kevin i know you're hittinn the road again. >> i'm heading to portland, oregon to hann with kevin hart, his new movie "what now" captures his sold-out show in lincoln field, philadelphia. you can see all the fun on monday, things always get crazy when i hang with kevin. take care. ! hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently,
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bank human.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so we have unlocked the secret with a smooly face. demi lovato has hooked up with luke brock holt. >> they've done doing these secret messages on instagram where they post little smilies on their pinkies. they're a new couple and it's so surprising because he broke up with elled doe radio. [laughter] >> j.lo's in new york filming the next four guess who just showed newspaper new york? harvey: casper smart. >> cass spur smart saying they're still talking and acting like they're still together. they're together in new york. >> where is he staying? harvey: a hostel or something. >> we got justin bieber on the "tmz" celebrity tour. >> seriously? >> and sofia richie was driving the car. >> no! >> she still have to drive with an adult?


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